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ISIS kills Ahrar al-Sham humanitarian

Ahrar al-Sham liberation of the al-Jarrah Airbase

As usual, Ahrar is leading the way when it comes to large overrun operations like this.  You can see the planning that goes into the operation as well as the various different weapons deployed (including a T-55).  12 minutes into the video they have captured the base and you can see a group of men praying on the wing of an L-39 and pretty quickly the camera pans around and shows a dozen or so Mig-15′s that do not look operational.  I doubt if this means they will start using the aircraft but the more of these little bases they capture the larger their stockpile of fuel and parts will become and it might become a more realistic possibility.

Ahrar al-Sham VBIED attack

Nothing especially new, they use google maps to figure out the best path, show the car with the backseat removed and a blanket over the weapon and then you wait for the boom.  The reason I am posting this is because this video comes only days after they released a new outreach video showing them helping the poor with branded goods in branded vehicles.  I keep wondering what role these guys will end up playing in the future of Syria.  They are by all measures Islamist with Saudi and Gulf backing (see Brown Moses’ post about the Croatian weapons) and they are using tactics very reminiscent of AQ in Iraq yet I think they will still play a big role in the post Assad environment.


Absolutly perfect use of a Man Portable Surface to Air Missile

English translation of the description: “The quality of its fine:: battle architecture packed down MiGs igla missile”.

Russian RG-6 Grenade launcher in rebel hands

I know the 40mm used by the USMC is a pretty devastating weapon, makes me wonder about the Russian version.

Rebels finally getting some seriously heavy weapons

They have been capturing tanks since the first part of the conflict but these big field guns are new.


First AGS-17 in Aleppo

Yet more proof that the only heavy weapons the rebels are using come from Syrian Arab Army stocks.

More outreach videos coming from Ahrar al-Sham

This is the second video from Ahrar showing them helping civilians.  Notice the high level of branding?  I’ll also point out that this video (and the other) are missing the signature grenade intros that they put on their attack videos.

Remotely operated VBIED from Syria


Jack Murphy over at SOFREP pointed out that the gunfire you hear right before the explosion is probably coming from checkpoint guards who realize that no one is in the driver’s seat of the truck barreling towards them.  Based on the design of the weapon they were probably going for a Fuel Air Bomb.  I’ll also mention that the structure they are attacking can be found all over Syria.  I am thinking that the government built little military outposts for a situation just like this.  Most of the time you see BMP’s parked in the bays and sandbags on the second floor roof to provide a firing position.

First M2 50 BMG I have seen in Syria

Notice how short those bursts are?  Have fun finding ammo and spare parts for that thing in Syria….